"Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it."-Robert Frost
Respect people who find time for you in their busy schedule, but love people who never look at their schedule when you need them.
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For you, I’d steal the stars.
A Six Word Poem ( on how you deserve galaxies)

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I’m running to you,
and I hope you’ll be waiting
when I catch back up.
Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)

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My heart didn’t break into a thousand pieces after he left. Instead, I realized all the things he didn’t do. He didn’t want to hear my stories. He didn’t ask me questions. He didn’t hug me out of the blue to make me feel good. His hugs were always a preamble to something else, and after he was gone, I wondered if he ever knew me at all.
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I am so incredibly grateful to have friends like you by my side for all of these years. Thank you for one of the best nights of my life- I’ll never forget it. 👯👯❤️ #friendssincepreschool (at Donut Tree)


A longer than usual post. 

"Sometimes the right thing feels all wrong until it is over and done with." 

I’m scared for what this next school year holds for me. Financially, I mean. Did I make the right choice of quitting a stable job with great pay and free food?

I quit because I felt like it was my time to move on. I wanted to start on bigger and better things that would help me in my future after graduation. But now, I’m left unemployed without any secure internships. I’m really worried about how I’m going to be paying rent/bills. I’m embarrassed to ask my dad for money because I know he’s going to question why I quit my job in the first place. And plus, I hate being dependent on him for money. 

Maybe the choice of quitting wasn’t a mistake. Just like the how the quote says, it might feel completely wrong until I actually find my next adventure. Let’s hope so. 

P.S. Please don’t pay too much attention to this post. I wrote it late into the night hoping no one would see it.